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 2016-2017 ACTIVE CLUBS 

In order for a club to be listed, each school year the club must turn in a Club Application Sheet and Constitution to ASB Leadership.

If an active club wishes to create a website, please email one of the Club Committee Leaders or the K/D ASB account.




Meeting Location


Student Rep

Animal Rights Club

Spread awareness to the student body and community of Animal Rights issues and raise money to donate to various animal shelters and organizations.

Rm. 209

Ms. Campuzano

Cindy Birrueta

Anime/ Japanese Culture Club

To promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation and culture.

Rm. 203

Mrs. Koh

Esmeralda Orozco


Arsalyn program of Ludwick Family Foundation was created to encourage young Americans to become informed and active participants in the electoral process. Arsalyn views the civic and political engagement of young people as beneficial to the country, community, and character. Arsalyn is firmly committed to a non -partisan, non- issue based and inclusive approach to ensure that voting becomes a lifetime commitment on the part of our nation's young adults.

Rm. 203

Ms. Campuzano

Kimberly Cano

Art Club

For students who wish to share their artistic talents with fellow artists

Rm. 109

Ms. Encarnacion

Miriam Mercado

B.I.O. (Beauty Inside Out)

The purpose is to help girls and boys accept themselves for who they both are inside and outside and to teach cosmetology techniques to enhance one's natural beauty.

Rm. 409

Ms. Kong

Elaine Rodriguez

Bible Club

To help students develop all areas of their life, especially helping students understand the importance of developing spiritually in a relationship to God.   

Rm. 305

Mr. Usher

Crystal Castaneda

Black Student Union

Allows students of all kind of race to rejoice in African-American cultures, lifestyle, history, and activities.

Rm. 106

Dr. Johnstone

Jazmyn Williams

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

To provide students with scholarships and internships.

Rm. 211

Mrs. Aragon


Daughters of a King

Young women pursuing God so they can live free, full lives and help others do the same.  It is a club for young women, of all backgrounds, to meet new friends, enjoy great conversations, grow in God, laugh, recharge, and together make a difference in our community.  The first and third Wednesday meetings of the month will consist of a daily devotional followed by a time of prayer. The second and fourth Wednesday of the month a devotional will be given and to conduct club business.

Rm. 213

Ms. Garcia

Jazmyn Williams

Feminism Club

The purpose of this club is to teach members about the concept of feminism, hold discussions on the concept of feminism, advocate women's rights, and analyze the role of women in society and media.

Rm. 106

Dr. Johnstone

Amanda Vest-Bravo

Karen Sanchez

French Club

To make the francophone world present in our school by promoting the understanding, study, and appreciation of the French culture by providing members with a relaxed environment in which to practice speaking French and engage in cultural events.

Rm. 307

Ms. Gomis

Yesica Estrada

Future Business and Entrepreneur

Introduce students to real world experiences in current business opportunities and entrepreneurship development. It promotes academic success, leadership, and good citizenship at the King Drew High School.

Rm. 412

Mrs. Cox

Karen Vazquez


To inform people about LGBT issues and create a safe environment in which people and allies feel comfortable with one another.

Rm. 304

Ms. Salen

Adaeze Oduma

Hermanas Unidas

Offers an opportunity for Latinos and other ethnicities to learn about the Latino experience. We are a cultural club that seeks to empower young Latina Women and develop an understanding of issues concerning the Latino community.

Rm. 209

Ms. Soto

Izabel Diaz


HOSA is a national organization for secondary and postsecondary/collegiate career and technical education students enrolled in health science programs, or for students who are pursuing a health career.

Rm. 204

Mrs. Harris

(Shelly) Eun Jin Son


Provide a political outlet for students at King Drew and letting them voice their opinions on the political and social topics of our world.

Rm 113

Dr. Graeber

Laura Pena

K Club

The purpose of this club shall be to learn and understand the Korean culture, language, dialect, food, and other concepts of K-culture.

Rm. 205

Mrs. Koh

Fiyinfoluwa Ajo

Key Club

International community service group focused on character building, leadership, inclusiveness, and caring.

Rm.  314

Mr. Monaco

Nnanna Njoku

Martial Arts Club

For teenagers who are straying through informal consultations which occur naturally as trust is built during physical activities, as well as to provide a place for students to relieve stress and strengthen stamina.

Rm. 207

Ms. Butapetch

(Shelly) Eun Jin Son


Allow club members to apply math and science knowledge to their projects for competition.

Rm. 207

Ms. Butapetch

Angela Vega

Brian Mora Solis

Mock Trial

Its purpose is to represent the school at the Los Angeles County competitions organized by the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) annually and to provide all King Drew students with the opportunity to learn about the legal profession.

Rm. 113

Dr. Graeber

Abigail Herrera

Music Club

For students interested in learning how to play an instrument as well as experienced musicians interested in showing their talent to fellow musicians.

Rm. 102

Ms. Woodlief

Gina Trujillo

Omega Club

The purpose of this club shall be for leadership service, tutoring at Carver and Lincoln Elementary Schools, implementing the importance of education, teaching person, group, and social leadership skills, and teaching cultural awareness.

Lecture Hall

Ms. Ochoa

Jerica Watson

One World

To help the environment by getting students involved in community services and plan international trips to look at environmental issues.

Rm. 402

Ms. Marzan

Angelica Dimas

Planned ParentHood Peer Advocates

The Peer Advocates are a group of high school students who are trained by health educators at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to serve as resources for sexual and reproductive health information in their school and communities in order to help decrease rates of unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

PPLA Headquarters

Mr. Freedman

Angelica Astorga

Peer Mediation

Promote peace and conduct mediations for students as requested.


Rm. 210

Mr. Zarazua

Adriana Valadez

Performing Arts club

The purpose is to build character, express emotion, and enhance talent through singing, dancing, and writing poetry.

Rm. 201, 218

Ms.Turner Mr.Miller

Jessica Williams


To be able to express your feelings in a poetic way and to be more open with yourself and have fun. Poetagraphy gives you an opportunity to take pictures and get a larger/better understanding/view of photography as well as express your feelings through pictures.

Rm. 305


Cierra Daley

Principals Council

To provide incentives in order for tenth-grade students to desire an overall passing. Our purpose is to work hand and hand with our principal in bringing ideas and organize social and extracurricular activities for the entire student body in order to unite the students and create an interdisciplinary, progressive and creative environment.

Rm. 101/ Main office

Mr. Brookens

Richard Montañez

Recycle for change

To promote recycling in the school and home environment. To educate the masses about the prospect of recycling as a whole

Rm. 405

Dr. Reyes

Gisselle Quezada

Relay for Life

Dedicated to spreading cancer awareness, providing support and participating in cancer advocacy.

Rm. 304


Manuel Toro


Involves building a robot to compete in the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition in the second semester.

Rm. 405

Dr. Reyes

Alejandra Gonzalez


Allowing members to express themselves through acting and video-making. Creating well-made videos that address, satirize, and/or raise awareness about many social issues and pop culture (topics can range from bullying awareness to the latest album of a well-known artist). Discovering the social aspect of King Drew through video making.

Rm. 301

Mr. Liembenberg

Freddy Tapia

Senior mentors

To help freshman and new students make a smooth transition from middle school to high school.

Rm. 405

Dr. Reyes

Elias Zavala

Society of Latino Empowerment

The purpose of this club shall be to empower the Latinx community through mentoring and the encouragement of higher education, to assist AB540 scholars, to promote community involvement, and to unite the Latinx community.  

Rm. 415

Mr. Galvan

Adela Enriquez

Strategy Games Club

The purpose of this club shall be to educate in the playing of and facilitate the playing of strategy games such as chess, checkers, and various others.

Rm. 301

Mr. Liebenberg

Demonte Blankenship

Tech Team Club

Assist students, faculty, and staff with technology related issues and provide support to the Tech Coordinator and Administration with relation to technology distribution, issue resolution, and other tasks.

Rm. 301

Mr. Liebenberg

Chukwuagoziem Uzoegwu


The purpose of this club shall be to explain and express the oppression that people of color face in education and society. They will instill a pathway for a “woke” mindset that will help minorities understand what our ancestors went through and what we are continuing to go through today.  

Oral Arts Room

Ms. Cross

Di’Mond Williams

Water 4 All

The purpose of this organization is to fundraise money to send clean water and supplies to areas around the world where people lack clean water and medical supplies.

Rm. 305

Mr. Usher

Jasmine Quintero

Women’s Leadership Project

The Women’s Leadership Project (WLP) is a feminist service learning program designed to educate and train young middle and high school age women in South Los Angeles to take ownership of their school-communities.

Rm. 205

Ms. Hatchett

Luciana Ambriz