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At King/Drew Magnet High School we encourage our students to develop essential skills in critical thinking, scientific inquiry, effective communication, technology, and personal growth—forging multiple paths to success in a dynamic 21st century world.


In an attempt to extend those skills and to connect to the founding ideals of our campus, students enrolled in Ms. Salen's English class and Ms. Kong's history class are asked to complete and be active members of K/D MegaProject.


The primary objective of the MegaProject is for students to identify, research, and formulate a solution to a social justice issue in our community by creating an organization that becomes an advocate for the issue chosen. Students are immersed in units aligned with the Common Core State Standards that teach the importance of activism and standing up for the rights of others.


Students work to answer the year-long essential question of “why should an individual not be a bystander?” through the studying of a variety of texts and historical movements taught in their History and English classes, as well as through the implementation of their projects. By applying the information gained in their courses, students begin to see that their actions have a lasting impact, similar to the people they’ve studied and to those community activists that founded King/Drew.

MegaProject Teachers/Gurus
Contact Information
Ms. Kong - U.S. History
Ms. Salen - American Lit. & Contemporary Composition 
If you are looking for a MegaProject class, please use the below as a guide. Please note this is changes often with the Hospital Schedule. 
Period 2 - Ms. Kong 
Period 3 - Ms. Salen
Period 4 - Ms. Salen
                 & Kong
Pacing Guide
Please note that changes can and will be made at the discretion of the teachers.