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Chromebook Fines

Fines from prior school years must be paid in full or volunteer work time must be complete before we will issue a new device this year. Please see Dr. Karuza or Mr. Barajas in the tech office for more information.

Is something physically wrong with your device upon checkout?


All students who receive a device must fill out this form within a week of checking it out to verify that you have inspected and reported any physical damage for which you should not be liable/responsible.


If the device is not working properly (i.e. won't charge, keyboard doesn't work correctly, mouse doesn't work, glitchy or flashing screen), you do not need to declare it here – please take it to the Tech Office for repair. Thanks!


Congratulations on receiving your Chromebook! Please take care of it, as you are responsible for all physical damage.

Volunteer Work Time


You may choose to arrange to volunteer work time in lieu of paying the fine listed above. Your assignment will be given by the evening custodial staff, and you will be under the direct supervision of the custodial staff. Please report to the main office promptly at 3:15pm. Work time will be reported in 0.25 hour increments (to the nearest 15 minutes). Students may only work after school, up until 6:00pm. Transportation home should be pre-arranged (no late buses on Tuesdays, Fridays, minimum, or shortened days). Any remaining balance must be paid in full prior to check-out or receiving a high school diploma.

Volunteer Work Time provides a fee-waiver equivalent to minimum wage ($10 per hour, or $2.50 per quarter hour). For every hour of volunteer work time, $10 will be waived from the student’s fee.

Students must sign-in and sign-out at the beginning and end of each work time. Failure to do so will void the time worked. All work assignments will be evaluated and must be complete in order to receive work-compensation credit for the fine. Should the custodians encounter any poor behavior from the student, the volunteer work time may be discontinued, and the student will have to pay for the remainder of the fine.

Q: When can I work?

A: Any day after school that fits your schedule. You can work for as long as you can up to 6:00pm.

Q: Where do I go?

A: Let someone in the main office know you are here to work with the custodian. Have them radio/call Ms. Farthing, Assistant Plant Manager and she will assign you to a work location.

Q: What should I bring?

A: You will need to fill out the Volunteer Work Time Sheet to keep track of your hours. You are eligible for a new device after you have worked or paid off at least half of your fine amount. Turn in your time sheet to Mr. Barajas in the Tech Office.

According to LAUSD Policy, the school administration is responsible for determining restitution for lost or damaged devices. The school must hold the student/parent responsible in instances of willful neglect: “failure to properly care for” or “the intentional destruction of.” This fine must be paid before check-out or receiving your high-school diploma. The option to volunteer work-time in place of paying money is available.

Should you disagree with the restitution, you can file an appeal. Include a written rationale, and you will be notified of the hearing date. The Discipline/Safety Committee will review the case and make the final determination. Failure to appear in front of the Committee for questioning will result in automatic denial of the appeal.


Q: What are my options for paying this fine?

A: You can directly pay the entire fine amount or pay it off over time. Alternatively, you can arrange for Volunteer Work Time in lieu of paying for an equivalent of $10/hr.

Q: When can I get a replacement Chromebook?

A: You must work off or pay at least half of the fine amount before we will replace the Chromebook. Bring your receipt or time-sheet to the tech office.

Q: Where can I pay the fine?

A: All fines must be paid in the Student Store. You must bring this paper with you to show how much you owe. You can pay with cash or money order ONLY. We do not accept personal checks. Show the receipt to the tech office to have the fine removed from your account and to get a replacement device.