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Students Run LA

Students Run LA!

Message from Coach Marzan:
With a new school year comes a new running season! Every year approximately 20-25 KD students join thousands of Angelenos in running the LA Marathon. They begin their training in August, and it continues all the way up to race day - March 21, 2021. This year will also mark a new course finish line as we no longer be finishing in Santa Monica (we will miss you at mile 23 Mr. Duval!).
For the first 6 years, Ms Flores was our primary leader (yeah paperwork) while Mr Gutierrez and myself provided support. Last year, I took over as primary while Ms Flores finished her Masters (congratulations!). Unfortunately for our team, Ms Flores has asked to step back a little more this season. She will still be with the team as our parent liaison because she is so awesome getting our parents involved and with everything going on right now, parent support will be even more vital.
So...have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Now is the time! Experience in running a marathon to join SRLA = Zero. Zilch. Nada. We will help train you to cross that finish line. You don't need to be fast. What we are looking for is someone willing to stay after school 1 day a week with the students (when we finally return), 1 Saturday / Sunday a month for morning longer runs, and 1 Sunday a month for races. For our weekend runs, we partner with El Serreno middle school for some bomb after run bbqs.
What do you get? 1 free race a month (5k, 10k, 15k, 2 half marathons, an 18 mile race, and the LA Marathon), shoes, and a sense of accomplishment. Plus legs that can conquer the KD stairs easily - except after marathon day. That day we are a little sore.
This coming season is filled with uncertainty as I know the beginning will start out with virtual races. I did a virtual 5k with some students over summer and it was a lot of fun . Not as fun as the real deal, but still good time.
If you are interested in joining a tight knit group of supportive runners, maybe running into a celebrity, or just checking something off a bucket list, please email me at your earliest convenience. We are in it for the long run!
Rikki Lee Marzan