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Bonjour Tout le Monde! et Bienvenue sur le site de Madame Gomis

Qui suis-je? 
Comme vous le voyez sur ce site, j'adore voyager et ces photos témoignent les récits de mes voyages récents en Italie, en France et en Angleterre. 
Trés jeune j'ai commencé à lire et à m'intéresser sur les voyages et étudier les langues, les cultures et surtout découvrir les nourritures et les musiques du monde! Comme vous autres, moi aussi j'ai étudier des langues étrangères: l'anglais et l'espagnol! 
Pendant votre séjour à King Drew, je vous invite à apprécier les langues offertes. 
Alors soyez prêts à écouter, répéter, pratiquer, prononcer, répondre aux questions, poser des questions. Soyez prêts à communiquer

About me…

My name is Marianne Gomis. I have been a teacher at King Drew for the last 10 years. I have been a teacher about 15 years. I teach all levels of French. I am the summer teacher leader and the French club sponsor. 

Every year, I organize a trip to France and other countries over the summer. It is a life experience that I certainly enjoy with King Drew students and parents. Throughout the years, my students and I have travel to many places in France and Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada. They have had opportunities to speak French with locals and experience the culture first hand. 

I came to United Stated to pursue my education many years ago. I went to Los Angeles City College and then transferred to UCLA. I fell in love with the language and the American culture.  I have a Bachelor in Sociology, a Master's Degree in Education, a certification in Administrative Education. I am now proudly pursuing a Doctorate Degree (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership(EDOL) at Pepperdine University. I hold a credential in World Languages.  

I believe in the power of words. I’m interested in linguistics and languages. I enjoy literature, history and learning about various cultures. I speak several languages and I enjoy teaching. When you learn a language, it is essential to use it everyday, in real-life situations.  While on campus, you will be engaged in speaking French…Come to Rm#308 and get ready to speak French!

Mes Informations
La salle de classe #308

Mon téléphone: 323-566-0420 ext: 4308

Mon courriel:

Tutoring Hours:Tuesday/Thursday after school

2:15-3:15 and Fridays 12:40-1:15pm

La 1ere section: Français 2A

La 2eme section: Français 1A

La 3eme section: H Français 2A

La 4eme section: Français 2A

La 5eme section: Français AP

La 6eme section: H Français 1A