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Pagina Magistri Pistoris

Mr. Miller's Latin Page of Stuff
Things you need to know about me (de me vobis scienda):
Latin Teacher Man (Vir Latinam Docens)
King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science          September 2004 -- current
Crossroads Upper School                                                           September 1998--June 2001
Crossroads Middle School                                                          September 1998--June 2000
English Teacher Man (Vir Linguam Anglicam Docens)
King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science         September 2002--2007, 2012-13
King/Drew Medical Magnet High School                                   August 1992--June 1998
Superfluous Mishmash that feels necessary (Flocci non facientes qui necesse est tibi agnoscere)
I dig poetry (poemas amo)
I write poetry (poemas scribo)
People publish my poetry because they also like it (viri meas poemas admirantes publicant)
I have a family. (est mihi familar)
A while back, I was born, but since then I have never been reborn. (multos annos ante, natus sum, sed numquam renatus sum)
My class is one of those classes where people leave it and say Hunh?  That was classy.
Salvete, omnes!!!!!
Quid agitis, discipuli parentesque?
Miller's Schedule:
Period 1--Conference
Period 2--Latin 3B
Period 3--Latin 3B
Period 4--Latin 2B
Period 5--Latin not 2B
Period 6--Latin 1B
Period 7--AP Latin B