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US HIS (P.5 FALL 2023) Assignments

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Past Assignments


HW: Report Card Reflection for Student-led Conferences in Google Classroom

HW: Report Card Reflection for Student-led Conferences

Fill out the second slide of the Frayer model. This will be due the night before conferences on the 26th.


Native American Map Project in Google Classroom

Native American Map Project


Sculpt & Tell: Westward Expansion in Google Classroom

Sculpt & Tell: Westward Expansion

You are using Play-Doh to create your own images. Every table will be assigned to sculpt one of the terms onto the classroom slide deck. After all the pictures are posted, write about your term.

Your writing should give me a 1-2 sentence definition and 1-2 sentence explanation explaining the term significance/why it is important/lasting impact.


Edpuzzle - Amendments Quiz in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle - Amendments Quiz


Number Mania: Civil War in Google Classroom

Number Mania: Civil War

Your goal for this assignment is to find five facts that are number-based related to the Civil War. 
These facts can include dates, statistics, number counts, etc. 

Example: 3,000 horses were killed in the Battle of Gettysburg

You will be making an infographic (images combined with your facts) in order to show us a representation of the Civil War. You can have certain themes such as a medical theme (number of casualties, how many people had to get amputations, etc). 

Try to find facts that are not well known-- I don't want to see the start or end date of the Civil War as a fact. I posted an example from another unit I taught in Middle School.