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School Policies


King/Drew Magnet HS faculty, staff, students, and parents are committed to creating a safe environment in which our students acquire the knowledge and maturity they need to function in an increasingly complex society. King/Drew is a place where students pursue learning and attain their goals in an atmosphere of respect, support, encouragement, nurturance, guidance, and high expectations. King/Drew students have traditionally supported these efforts by living up to the highest academic and personal standards.


DEAN’S DISCIPLINE MATRIX:  1 hour per violation




Dress Code and/or Uniform Violation

·   Students are expected to wear their uniforms daily. All violations will lead to Dean’s Detention

·   Parents will be notified to bring correct uniform and/or students will be given a loaner to wash and return ASAP

·   Multiple uniform violations may lead to a parent conference, loss of privileges, and/or a uniform contract

Defiance related to uniforms: wearing a hat, cap, bandana, doo rag, or other headgear, etc.  King/Drew approved items are allowed only

·   Item confiscated; possible return to student at the end of the day


Electronic Devices (devices are not to be seen or heard)

·   First offense: Devices will be confiscated and returned same day to parent between 2-3pm

·   Second offense: all devices will be held for several days (It does not have to be the same device; if policy is violated again)

·   Third offense: return date of device is to be determined by Dean and parent conference will be held

Display of gang symbols, possession of gang related paraphernalia

·   Confiscation and referral to the Dean

·   Parent/student conference

·   Behavior contract

·   Mediation

·   Restorative Justice Practices

Graffiti or destruction of school property

·   Campus Beautification

·   Parent/student conference

·   Behavior contract

·   Restitution (determined by administration)

Threats to another student or school personnel

·   Parent/student conference

·   May lead to a behavior contract

·   Referral to the Dean and school police.

Officers may be called for a report and/or an arrest (consequences determined on a case by case situation)

Issues/Problems with other students not resulting in a confrontation or fight but causing possible class disruption

·   Referral to Peer Mediation

·   Referral to the Counselor

·   Referral to the Dean and possible behavior contract

·   Referral to Assistant Principal

·   Referral to Principal

Instigating fights and/ or starting rumors

·   Referral to the Dean

·   Parent/student conference

·   Behavior contract

·   Restorative Justice Practices


·   Police called (depending on case)

·   Parent notified/ Behavior contract

·   Class suspension

·   Review of permit

Honor Policy: forgery, cheating, changing grades, etc.

·   See section on Honor Policy for consequences.

Party food and/ or balloons on campus

·   Confiscated and returned at the end of the school day

Throwing water balloons or other items with water

·   Campus beautification and possible parent contact

·   Dean’s detention

Selling items



·   First incident: parents will be contacted and items will be confiscated

·   Second incident: items and money confiscated and parent conference with a behavior contract

·   Third incident: items confiscated, parent conference, and contract will be reviewed

        ** any money confiscated will be donated to ASB (Associated Student Body Fund)

Brandishing of replica guns, knives, weapons and/ or possession of guns, knives and weapons

·   Referral to the Dean and school police

·   Further disciplinary actions based on specific case

Consumption and/or possession of alcohol, drugs or controlled substance

·   Referral to the Dean and school police and parent contact

·   Referral to Drug Education Counseling and parent conference

Starting fires and or pulling firm alarms

·   School Safety Officer and Dean’s Office

·   Parent Contact

·   Restitution

·   Possible expulsion and police citation

Disrespecting adults

·   Dean’s Detention and parent contact

·   Restorative Justice Practices

Senior Activities

·   Violations of school policies may result in not participating in senior activities

Inappropriate physical contact

·   Referral to School Safety Officer and Dean and parent contact

·   Behavior contract

·   Possible permit cancellation determined on a case by case basis

Sexual harassment or hate crimes

·   Referral to School Safety Officer and Dean

·   Citation and further disciplinary actions depending on the severity of the offense

This Matrix is not exhaustive. Students will be required to write self-reflections and /or apologies for any school offenses. Other consequences may be applied as deemed necessary by school personnel.