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Eligibility Requirements


Students will be ineligible for school activities if the students receive 3 or more U’s in work habits and/or cooperation or 2 or more fails in academic classes. Ineligible Lists are published every 5 weeks.  Students remain on the Ineligible List until the next grading period.



Seniors must sign a contract in their senior year.  This contract allows for participation in Senior Class activities, including the senior prom and the graduation ceremony.  Seniors are expected to pass all classes, and not receive more than 2 U’s in work habits and/or cooperation in order to participate in senior activities, as well as other school sponsored activities. Excessive absences, detentions, and/or misconduct will jeopardize, limit, or eliminate participation in senior activities. Senior activities are a privilege, not a right.



Students learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics, including lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, healthy lifestyles, and how to win and lose gracefully. Competition adds to our school and community spirit and helps all students, spectators, as well as participants develop pride in their school and community.


Our athletes are ambassadors for our schools both on and off the field of competition.  Academics always take priority over any extracurricular activity. The discipline policies in the “Student/Parent Handbook” always take priority in regards to athletics and/or extracurricular activities. Participation in athletics is completely voluntary. The school reserves the right to revoke or restrict the privilege of participation for any student if he/she fails to live up to expectations and standards set forth by King/Drew.  

For example:

  1. Without exception all athletic participants must turn in to the coach or Athletic Director a completed Athletic Packet. No athlete may participate in practice or competition until this packet is completed and submitted.
  2. Players and coaches are to travel on the school bus as a team to and from all contests.
  3. Students, Parents, and Coaches are responsible to know and to meet King/Drew’s athletics eligibility requirements:
    1. Maintain a GPA of 2.0 during the participating season.
    2. No More than 2 U’s in Work Habits or Cooperation (combined), and this includes Homeroom.
    3. Students’ academic eligibility will be checked at the 10, and 20 week reports of each semester by the Athletic Director.
  4. All student athletes are valuable members of their respective teams. If students have concerns regarding their position on the team, the issues should first be taken up with their coach. If necessary, the Athletic Director may also become involved in order to resolve the issue/s.
  5. Students who are placed on academic probation may remain on their athletic team as long as they abide by the contract they establish with their counselor, dean, and/or athletic director.
  6. Our student athletes are always responsible for controlling their own conduct on and off the field. There shall be no use of foul language or play regardless of the situation. They are responsible for promoting good sportsmanship among their teammates and their opponents. They shall respect the decisions made by the officials and not display any negative actions toward any official.