King/Drew Magnet High School Of Medicine And Science

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AP Courses

  • Please visit or email teachers for any questions about these classes.
  • Speak with your counselor to enroll. 
  • ALL students in an AP course in the Fall will take the AP exam in the Spring.
9th Grade Human Geography
Ms. De la Torre (416)
10th Grade AP Courses
World History
Ms. Keisling (409)
11th & 12th Grade AP Courses
Electives & World Languages
Psychology: Ms. Cross (103)
Art: Ms. Aubrey (401)
French: Ms. Malekian (309)
Spanish Lang: Ms. Campuzano (209) & Ms. Hernandez (210)
Spanish Lit: Ms. Flores (115)
Latin: Mr. Miller (202)
Biology: Ms. Marzan (403)
Chemistry: Mr. Ng (303)
Physics: Dr. Haynes (405)
Math & Computer Science
Calculus: Ms. Villa (215)
Statistics: Ms. Ceja (211)
Computer Science: Mr. Hollaway (307)
11th Grade
English Lang: Ms. Agena (310) & Mr. Monaco (314)
US History: Mr. Parra (415)
12th Grade
English Lit: Ms. Espinoza (311)
Govt/Econ: Mr. Jacobo (302)