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ACTIVE CLUBS In order for a club to be listed, each school year the club must turn in a Club Application Sheet and Constitution to ASB Leadership. 

Club Description Sponsor & Student Representative Time and Location
5 Star Creatives Is a club where all artists express themselves and their art with different themes given every week, each meeting their given a theme/ word and are given time to create any type of art surrounding the theme. Ms. Durbin
Elizabeth Atuseri
Monday during Lunch
App Development The purpose of the App Developing club is to inspire and teach students how they can impact the world through technology specifically through websites and apps. Mr. Hollaway
Heaven Perkins
Every other Thursday during lunch
ASL Promotes inclusivity by educating students on a different way to communicate with the non-hearing community. Mrs. Washington
Amy Hernandez
Thursdays 3:40 pm
Baseball Club Recreational activities involving baseball, incorporating teamwork. Mr. Jones
Jocelyn Chavez
Room 216
Mondays at 3:30-4:30
Black Student Union Black Student Union is a community of students who come together to discuss topics and learn more about our community. Mr. Gordon
Dr. Haynes
Ambit Fokwoh
Lecture Hall
Thursdays during lunch
Chess Club The objective of the game is to capture the opponent's King and Queen so let's play chess and have fun. Mr. Angel
Jacob Anyaka
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Class Council of 2025 Is to promote class spirit, raise fundraisers for senior activities and expenditures as directly approved by the students council and indirectly by the school site administration and the governing board of the Los Angeles Unified District, and to create an environment where everyone is open to new ideas to make the last year count. Ms. Marzan
Nasir Aliu
Ms. Marzan during Homeroom
Computer Science Club In this club students will gain a broad understanding of computer usage, including code, the inner workings of everyday life and the knowledge necessary to operate new technologies. Mr. Hollaway
Nasir Aliu
Cooking Club Learning to cook and helping others learn the value of food and its aspect of cooking Mrs.Perez
Janedona Ugwu
After School at 3:40 at the Cafeteria Lounge
French Club To make the francophone word president in our school by promoting the understanding, study, and appreciation of French Culture. Ms. Malekian
Dania Ortiz
Girls Basketball Teaching students basketball help improve their athletic and social skills. Mr. Williams
Anayla Anderson
Girls Flag Football Play flag football and build leadership skills in young women both on and off the field Ms. Sosa
Tyanna Passmore
Hermanas Unidas Hermanas Unidas is a cultural + empowerment club which focuses on the LatinX culture + current social issues which are compare to other cultures + genders. Ms. Soto
Nicole Luna Avalos
Investment Club The Investment Club seeks to teach students about the stock market, how it works, and how to invest wisely. Aside from that, also teach basic skills on real estate, taxes, and creating your own business. The goal of the club is mainly to give students a headstart on the knowledge of money management and smart spending. Mr. Hollaway  
Key Club Allows members to earn community service hours, develop leadership skills, meet new people and attend fun events. Ms. Butapetch
Ms. Velasquez
Dania Ortiz
207 Library Monday during lunch
King Drew Junior Classical Goes into the depth of history and roots of Latin and helps us with our modern day life understanding. Mr. Miller
Angela Castelan
Tuesday during Lunch
La Fuerza Familia The purpose of this club is to build community within King Drew Learn about our LatinX roots bring opportunities to King/Drew for the LatinX community promote unity and help the LatinX community feel heard and welcome at King/Drew. Ms. Monroy
Melanie Morales
More Than Reality Podcast We will have engaging conversations that are educational and real life advice, experiences and we will also uplift people to start their journey with self love. Mr. Strand
Talaya Adkins
Mondays and Wednesdays 3:45
Music Production A club that teaches all forms of music through instruments, music software and more. Ms. Woodlief
Sebastian D’Amico
Music room
Thursdays at lunch.
Nigerian Student Association (NSA) Nigerian Student Association strives to create a welcoming environment for students to embrace their Nigerian culture, as well as learn and discuss Nigerian topics or issues. Mr. Nwosu
EwongoAbasi Umoh
Off Season Basketball Club To raise awareness of the basketball program as well as increase interest and school spirit at King Drew. Mr. Webster
Josahn Webster
Afterschool 3:30-6:30
Peer Advocates Allows/ educates students to be a tool to fellow peers with topics on consensual relationships. Ms. Macon 109
Principal Council Work hand and hand with 10th graders who desire a passing grade share knowledge, experience, and advice. Mr. Brookens
Dulce Arce
Lecture Hall
Wednesday 3:40 pm
Socratic Debate Club The purpose of the debate club is to give students a voice to learn how to speak on controversial topics in a way that is not based on emotion using critical thinking skills and learning the art of arguing. Mr. Parra
Esther Abraham
Monday after school and Tuesdays Lunch
Students Deserve Students Deserve believes in providing all students basic rights and equality for all students. Mr. Balacanao
Sahara Fisher
113 Tuesday During Lunch
Tennis Club To have more people be involved with the knowledge of tennis and provide a promising future when learning how to learn and have fun at the same time, while striving for greatness. Mr. Abdelmalak
Kimberly Perez
Track and Field Club We promote a healthy lifestyle through track and field training and conditioning. Mr. Williams
Reese Langston
Gym/Weight Room
Everyday after school, 3:30-5:30
Unapologetically Natural We provide students with a safe space to have discussions about their natural hair as well as empowering them. Ms. Washington
Mia Crockett
Video Editing Club This club is all about video editing including the different types of software, the types of strategies used in movies, and more; there’s also room for photography, photo editing. Mrs. Villa
Nasir Aliu

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