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Ms. Maricela Lopez - Samayoa » Ms. Lopez -Samayoa, Social Science

Ms. Lopez -Samayoa, Social Science

"If history were past, history wouldn't matter. History is the present...
You and I are history.
We carry our history. We act our history."
-James Baldwin 
About me: 
Hello! My name is Ms. López-Samayoa but most just call me Ms. López. My family is from Guatemala and I was born and raised here in South Central LA/ South Bay area. I also attended King/Drew as a high school student back in the day! In this class you will be supported to learn how to share your thoughts and reflections using historical and present evidence. You will get extra points for laughing at my jokes. I will do my best to make this class as interesting and accessible as possible.

As I introduce myself I must acknowledge that we as a society are going through some historic times. The Covid-19 pandemic may have or is currently affecting our families lives in one way or form. In addition to a pandemic we find ourselves in the middle of social change to make Black Lives Matter in our country and around the world. I want to tell you that I am here with you on this path. I make a commitment to be patient with us as we embark in this journey to learn and support each other. We are currently living history and I hope that we get to learn how the past has shaped what is happening around the world and this country today.
Together we will all be responsible for building a safe space and a positive learning environment in the virtual classroom. I hope we can all be gentle, tender, patient and kind with each other during these times.

See you in our virtual classroom! 
PS: Some random facts about me- I love Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Some of favorite music comes from 94.7 The Wave.
  • Social Science, California State Teaching Credential
  • Master of Arts in Teaching History, Bard College
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies, U.C. Riverside 
Required Class Materials (due to COVID-19 and access I am flexible with materials required):
  • Chromebook/Wifi
  • Notebook OR Paper/Folder
  • Pen/Pencil

  • Optional/Helpful:

  • Period 1- Honors US History
  • Period 2- US History
  • Period 3- Honors World History
  • Period 4- Conference
  • Period 5- Honors World History
  • Period 6- Honors World History