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Ms. Robinson

Hi, my name is Ms. Mia Robinson. Not only do my students bring cultural capital to the classroom, I do as well. My values of teaching are based upon the influence of culturally relevant pedagogy and the constructivism theory. My goal is to teach students to look at the world in a way that challenges assumptions and recognizes marginalization by providing a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable engaging in critical reflection.

The primary goal of my instruction is creating positive educational environments where high quality teaching is the standard and students are fully engaged in learning. An effective teacher uses multiple approaches to teach content and skills: integrate test preparation into meaningful lessons, make connections between what students learn at school and their lives outside of classrooms, help students think about their work as they are doing it, and press them to probe deeper into what they have learned.

Teaching strategies and practices are valuable resources that can facilitate students’ development of new knowledge and literacy development using media such as blogs, film, social media and podcasts to develop literacy. Empowering students to use their voice and the tools of literacy, including digital tools, will keep English Language Arts relevant in the 21 century classroom.