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Ms. Rebecca Salen, English Teacher

The Philosophy of Teaching in Room 306
The power of education, the power of empowering the youth with a voice that allows them to go out into the world and defy every stereotype that the world has of them has become more than a mission, but a passion; it is the green light that keeps me beating on. It’s a lofty goal: one that keeps me awake at night, but I believe in all of my students so very much that I keep pushing forward with the belief that each one of them is a beacon of change.   
I am always working to be a better teacher and always challenging myself the same way I challenge all my students. Every morning, when I drive into the sunrise down the 105 freeway towards King/Drew, I know that I have been blessed to be somewhere so amazing and to have the opportunity to be a teacher at King/Drew; it is a gift that I cherish and hold onto tightly and take very seriously.
When our students walk through the doors of King/Drew and Room 306, I want them to be challenged, thinkers, scholars, and pushed intellectually. I will constantly challenge my students, but never will I give them the impossible; my job is not to watch them fail; my job is to help them leave Room 306 better than they were.
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Period 1 - Conference
Period 2 - English 11H
Period 3 - English 11H (Rx)
Period 4-  English 11H (Rx)
Period 5 - English 12H
Period 6 - English 12H
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Professional Clear Single Subject

CLAD Emphasis Credential in English

California State University Long Beach, 2006


Administrative Services Credential,

Certificate of Eligibility

California State University Dominguez Hills, 2012