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GOV (P.6 FALL 2023) Assignments

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Past Assignments


Analysis of Campaign Ads in Google Classroom

Analysis of Campaign Ads

As the videos are shared in class, please fill out the worksheet as we go. These will be due at the end of the period. It can only be made up if you have an excused absence that day.


HW: Report Card Reflection for Student-led Conferences in Google Classroom

HW: Report Card Reflection for Student-led Conferences

Fill out the second slide of the Frayer model. This will be due the night before conferences on the 26th.


Iron Chef: VPs in Google Classroom

Iron Chef: VPs

This is a class slide deck, do not copy it. Make sure to submit.


Electoral College Mind Map in Google Classroom

Electoral College Mind Map

You will be submitting a mind map using the Google extension MindMup 2. On the bubble mind map, answer the following questions:
What is the Electoral College?
Why does the Electoral College exist?
What is "popular vote"?
How does a candidate get a state's electoral votes?
What determines the number of votes a state has?
How many votes does it take to win the Presidency?
What are electors called if they don't vote for the candidate the state voted for?
Who becomes President if there is a tie or there isn't a majority? How is it decided?

Finally, answer the question "Should the U.S. keep the electoral college?"

To open up the mind map on Google Drive, go to the apps section in the top right corner when you have GD open. You will then select Create Map for GD. 

You can add images to the mind map to help make concepts easier to remember.


Number Mania: Dianne Feinstein in Google Classroom

Number Mania: Dianne Feinstein

Your goal for this assignment is to find five number-based facts related to California Senator Feinstein who unfortunately passed away this morning. 
These facts can include dates, statistics, number counts, etc. 

Example: Obama gave 212 pardons in his role as President over the course of 8 years. 

You will be making an infographic (images combined with your facts) in order to show us a representation of the power of the President. You can have specific themes such as a medical theme (military, diplomacy, economics, political, etc). 

Try to find facts that are not well known or something interesting-- I do not want to see what date she was born or died.


Edpuzzle - Amendments Quiz in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle - Amendments Quiz


9/5: Should Congress stop regulating the Post Office USPS? in Google Classroom

9/5: Should Congress stop regulating the Post Office USPS?

Today, we are debating among our pods whether or not Congress should stop regulating the USPS.
Step 1: Split your table in half. One side is in favor of stopping regulation while the other side wishes to continue regulation of the USPS.
Step 2: Go to Chapter 6 of the textbook in schoology and select the debate section.
Step 3: Click on the interactive debate activity

For the warm-up, you will be writing a paragraph (at least 5 sentences summarizing your argument). Include the following things in your response:
1. State your position.
2. Summarize what you found in the investigation portion of the activity.
3. Write down the 2-3 of the best arguments for your position IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
4. Create your concluding sentence.