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Read A Book Online

Read a Book Online

Where can you go to read a book online?  Here are some of the best sites around that you can try out.

The Modern English Collection  (University of Virginia)
This collection contains fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, letters, newspapers, manuscripts and illustrations from 1500 to the present.  You can browse by author's last name or by area of interest.

Free literary, unpublished texts especially in Spanish.
They are probably the finest Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse.  They offer students, researchers and the academically inquisitive with unlimited access to books and information on the web.
Free online literature with more than 2000 classic texts.  Here you can read classic fiction, drama, poetry, short stories, along with contemporary articles and interviews.  Try your research here using reference books, dictionaries, quotations, classic non-fiction, biographies and religious texts.
Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project
This is probably the biggest anthology of antique books online.  Read them yourself or to you little brother or sister.  Pass on the love of reading.
Children’s Storybooks Online:  Illustrated Children’s Stories for Kids of All Ages
Read to your little brothers and sisters from this site of illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages.
Classic Short Stories
This is a great site with plenty of great short stories.
This language travel agency provides some great online books in Spanish.
ePub ebooks  Free e books for the DIY
This is a gigantic compilation of sites where you can find books online.
The Internet Public Library Online Texts
They provide a list of recommended resources for books and material on the web.
The Online Books Page (University of Pennsylvania)
Here’s a listing over 25,000 free books on the Web.
Seleccio de Poesia Catalana (Catalan Poetry Selection)
176 authors and 799 original poems are available here (with 37 poems translated into English).  From the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
Turning the Pages; Online Gallery (British Library)
Come and peruse the British Library's award-winning Turning the Pages. Just click on the links, wait a few moments, and you can turn the pages of some of the world’s great books. AND yes, you really can turn the pages!