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Ms. Combis

Birth name:                                               Analyn Combis    (Ana means Grace; Lyn means Lion-like)
Zodiac sign:                                              Aquarius
Chinese zodiac:                                        Earth Sheep
Age:                                                           still young  (come to my class and verify..)
Generation:                                               X  (Xennial)
Ethnicity:                                                   Filipino    
DNA Composition:                                    Spanish, Japanese and Malay
Educational Background:                        Bachelor in Secondary Education with Majors in Physics and Mathematics
                                                                    Cum Laude
                                                                    University of San Carlos (Cebu, Philippines)
                                                                    Master in Science Teaching Major in Physics 
                                                                    (I completed my academic units but not my thesis because by that time, I was already
                                                                     offered a job by LAUSD.  One of my goals is still to complete my graduate studies.)
                                                                    De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines)
Hobbies:                                                    Sleeping and Eating  (a perfect combination!)
Hidden Talent:                                           Enroll in my class and find the answer
Romantic Status:                                      not a major concern of yours (right?)
Average Grades in the Sciences:
                                                                    High School                              College
                                           MATH                       A                                              A
                                           CHEMISTRY            B                                              A
                                           BIOLOGY                 C                                              B
                                           PHYSICS                  A                                              C    
                Questions about my grades and why am I in the Physics classroom?   That's for you to find out!
Best Achievement as a student:  
                                        I skipped one grade level (possible because of hardwork, diligence and perseverance).
                                        I earned my degree through full scholarship by the Philippines and Netherlands governments.
Number of years in the teaching profession :   18 (+ SY 2018-19)
Number of years as an LAUSD teacher:             12  (+SY 2018-19)
Number of years as a King Drew teacher:           SY 2018-19 will be my first year and I'm excited to be part of the    
                                                                                 King Drew Family!
                    Color:    Pink
                    Movie:   My Bestfriend's Wedding (because I can relate to more questions!)
                    Music:   Depends on my mood  (From classic love songs to alternative rock, I have it in my playlist)
                    Pastime: Watching Korean drama  (have you? watch one and get hooked!)
                    Show/s:      Numbers and The Blacklist
   Hollywood Actor/s:   Hugh Jackman (when he is Wolverine),  Johnny Depp (when he is Capt. Sparrow)
   Hollywood Actresses:     all time favorite Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep
                    Avenger:    Captain America!  (Don't argue with me on this!)
         Disney Princess:  Ariel   (Don't ask me to sing.  You will regret it!)
         Animated Film (by far):   Coco!  It has the same practices and core values with the Filipino culture.
Ask me a Question:
       1.  Is Physics hard?  I'm not going to lie.  YES!
       2.  Is it possible to get an A in Physics?  YES!
       3.  Do you offer extra help?  YES!
       4.  Are you mean?        NO!
       5.  Are you strict?         YES!
       6.  Are you crazy?         YES! and NO!
       7.  Are your classes fun?  It depends on your definition of fun. :)
       8.  Are you a tech savvy?   NO! Teach me to be one.  
       9.  Are you one of those popular girls in school?  NO!
       10.  Have you cheated as a student?   NO!
       11.  Have you attempted to cheat?
                  YES! It was not successful because my heart was pounding so hard that I felt like passing out.
       12.  Have you skipped class?           YES! once in college because the class was VERY boring
       13.  Have you gotten an F in any of your courses?    oh YES!  even a zero , nothing written on my paper!
       14.  Have you been bullied in school?  oh YES! 
       15.  Do you listen to the songs of..
                                            Taylor Swift?            NO                         Rihanna?        YES
                                            Arianna Grande?      NO                        Beyonce?        YES
                                            Selena Gomez?        NO                        JLO?                YES
                                             Justin Bieber?          NO                       Celine Dion?    YES
                                             One Direction?         NO                       Madonna?        YES
       16.  Are you a fan of the Kardashians?   DEFINITELY NO
       17. What is your advice as a student for students taking Physics to be successful?
               Study every day and every night.  Make use of all available resources from watching videos on youtube            and all other websites, to having group discussions with your peers (create a group chat or the like), to staying after school once a week to work with your peers and your teacher.
                Be an active student in the classroom.
               It's okay to commit mistakes.
                Keep learning. 
       18.  What is your advice as a teacher for students taking Physics to be successful?
                      Work with me. Give me the best versions of yourselves and I will give you the best version of myself.

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AP Physics 2 Summer Assignment- 2018-2019

Here's the Summer Assignment for AP Physics 2.  Check AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment for notebook format.
For now, you need college ruled notebook and a calculator.  I will finalize everything once I have access to the website you're going to use to complete the course (It is a student-paced online course). 

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Here's the Summer Assignment.  Make sure to read all directions before you start.  Find a friend/s and work together ( you should know why and how).
Eat good nutritious food and have some fun in between work.  
Good luck! Looking forward to meet you all in the fall.  
Class Schedule:
Period 1:  AP Physics 1A
Period 2:  Conference 
Period 3:  Physics of the Universe
Period 4:  AP Physics 2A
Period 5:  AP Physics 1A
Period 6:  Physics of the Universe
Recommended websites:
Materials needed every day:
1.  Science college-ruled notebook
2.  blue or black pen
3.  red pen
4. pencil
5.  calculator
6.  ruler
7. chromebook
Bring lab journal and textbook when asked to.
Best way to communicate with me:
    via Schoology
Come to class with a positive attitude...