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Ms. Jayne Agena » Mrs. Agena's Summer Reading Picks 2023

Mrs. Agena's Summer Reading Picks 2023

Welcome to Summer Reading!
Last year, the English department proposed books for students to explore and enjoy over the summer!
Please see these books for your summer reading selection.
Click on the image to find out more information about the book.
CHOOSE ONE BOOK and read completely by yourself (without the "help guides").
To check for your classes (credit Ms. Butapetch's post): Your Courses for next semester are in the Parent Portal under College & Career -> Progress Towards Graduation -> Download Report
Note for AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE: See below!
For any questions, please contact Mrs. Agena in Room 310 at [email protected]
AP Summer Reading & Assignment 2023 - REQUIRED for AP English Language - see below and scroll all 2 pages! 
If you have any questions, email Mrs. Agena at [email protected]
NOTE Public Library Availability of Braiding Sweetgrass:
  • Braiding Sweetgrass YOUNG ADULT version (2022) may be less available as a newer version of the book.
  • As an alternative, Braiding Sweetgrass original version (2013) should have greater availability as the older and original version of the book, which was also on the New York Times Bestsellers Book List for 2022. It is a little longer and more detailed, but you'll find the sections of the book are the same in both versions for ease in completing the Dialectical Journals.
  • Check both public library systems for availability: LA County Public Library, AND Los Angeles Public Library (you will need to have Hoopla downloaded)
  • Contact me if you have any questions at [email protected]


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