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Community Inquiry Project

K/D Community Inquiry Project is a four-year program where students engage in community-based research that incorporates the socio-political aspects of science. Our culture, identity, and past serve as the foundation for scientific inquiry (in health, climate, technology, etc).
  1. Develop a teaching/learning framework that sustains cross curricular collaboration amongst K/D faculty and community partners.
  2. Design a four year community-based science curriculum that integrates the historical, cultural, and socio-political aspects of science.
  3. Support student-driven inquiries and the development of community-based projects.
Project Coordinator
Project Lead
Project Lead
Project Lead
Michael Ng
Project Lead
Maricela Lopez
Project Lead
Brooke Moore-White
Project Lead
Kelley Watson
Project Lead
Frequently Asked Questions
The complete rotation of the Community Inquiry project is 4 years long. Every student on campus will begin with completing Year 1. The timeline is composed of:
  • Year 1: Identity & Community (implementing)
  • Year 2: Research Design (piloting)
  • Year 3: Analysis & Evaluation (~2024-2025)
  • Year 4: Spread the Word & Publish (~2025-2026)
Science and science learning are deeply connected to culture, identity, and power, even though science education has often perpetuated a view of science as objective, value-neutral and ahistorical. Creating opportunities for learners to ask authentic questions and explore the utility of science as a powerful pathway to making contributions for themselves, their families, and their communities is critical to science learning. Learning in Places
Our Community Inquiry Project Team… 
  • acknowledges the knowledge our students will create within institutions that have historically ignored and excluded BIPOC power, women, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities.
  • will emphasize the journey and growth of not only our students, but staff as well. We are students with our students. 
  • is student centered, their work and their ideas are the focal point. Students' identities and life experiences will be centered as assets and not deficits. 
  • is designed with a holistic view of our students to aid all students’ personal growth in humanities and sciences. 
  • is community based, independent of their proximity to the culture of power. ie: grammar, standard english, study habits, socioeconomic status. 
  • will strive to hold loving accountability for our students, staff and community teams to meet our goals.