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Community Inquiry Project » Year 1 - Identity & Community

Year 1 - Identity & Community

In year 1, we reflect upon ourselves because the most powerful source of learning is personal. We explore our values because they shape our scientific inquiry and research. What questions do you have about the world? About something you didn’t see before? How might that inspire a research question to strengthen the places you love? We will share our findings with three written works around self, family, and community. Year one serves as the foundation for research.
Curriculum (Library of Lessons)
Self Family Community
Community Cultural Wealth (Aspirational) Community Cultural Wealth (Familial, Linguistic)
Community Cultural Wealth (Navigational, Social, Resistance)
Past, Present, and Future Family Snapshot
Privilege & Unequal Opportunity Race
Intersectionality How I Got to K/D City of Ghosts
Social Constructs Family As You Community Mapping
Origin Story & Constellations   ArcGIS StoryMaps
Parts of Me    
Identity and You    
*Note: Lessons subjected to change